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The Worldview Is Flat: Heidegger and the Metaphysics of Globalization

Abstract While reading Thomas L. Friedman’s description of how he exclaimed to his wife “I’m going to write a book called The World Is Flat,” I could hear in my mind Martin Heidegger retorting, “The worldview is flat.” In the … Continue reading

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William Kurelek | The Messenger

In March I visited the “William Kurelek | The Messenger” exhibit at the Art Gallery of Hamilton. You can learn more at the exhibit Web site.

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The Virtual Self

On April 24th I attended the book launch in Toronto for The Virtual Self: How Our Digital Lives Are Altering The World Around Us by Nora Young.

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Hugo and the Mechanization of the World

The opening scene of Martin Scorsese’ film Hugo depict the image of the moving gears inside a clock that is superimposed upon the round about of the Avenue des Champs-Élysées. Without a doubt, this scence serves as a symbol of … Continue reading

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The Clock

I recently had an opportunity to visit the National Gallery of Canada and watch over nine hours of Christian Marclay’s video installation entitled The Clock.

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Saint Thomas Aquinas and the Quandary of Technical Progress

The following paper was presented at St. Matthew’s Church, Oakville, on January 28, 2012, for the Communio Circle of the Diocese of Hamilton in honour of the Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas:

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Truth Cannot Be Contrary To Truth

On November 23rd of this year, I gave a lecture at McMaster Univeristy entitled Truth Cannot Be Contrary To Truth: Blessed Cardinal Newman on the University, Theology and Science. Here is a video of the introduction: I plan to post … Continue reading

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The Challenges of Ivan Illich

I was first challenged by Ivan Illich (September 4, 1926 – December 2, 2002) when I heard him interviewed by David Cayley for a CBC Radio IDEAS program called “Part Moon Part Travelling Salesman” which aired in 1989. Subsequently I … Continue reading

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Occupy “Movement” Represents Non-Technical Feedback

Mainstream media are portraying the Occupy “movement” as a protest against economic policies that favour the rich. When you look at what is actually happening on the ground, however, the protestors are more concerned about the promotion of democracy than the redistribution of wealth per se. Thus, the media have created … Continue reading

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I Ping the Body Cybernetic

I presented a paper entitled “I Ping the Body Cybernetic: Wearable Computing and Medical Diagnostics” on November 4th, 2004, at the Technology and the Body Conference held at the Canada Science and Technology Museum, Ottawa, Canada. The Introduction follows: I Sing the Body … Continue reading

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